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BOOK NOW FOR Q2: 45-Min Inclusion & Diversity themed munch & learn, at yours.

It's one of the more popular ways I've been sharing insights, trends and the future of Inclusion & Diversity related topics.

We're now taking our next 3 bookings for Q2, 2018.

Here's how it works:

1. You choose a topic that is timely for your organisation.

2. Book the date/time in with me for April. May, June 2018

3. Order lunch, cupcakes, or espresso, book the meeting room for 10 to 100 participants.

4. I show up and together we learn, laugh and discover the edge of this wave called Diversity, how your business can leverage it for all sorts of good and profit.

5. We make time for 15 minutes of Q&A, before we wrap up and get on with our day.

Lunch & Learn Topics include:

1. Female Sponsorship

2. Humanity in the workplace

3. Implicit Bias

4. Agility in Action

5. Governance and Communications

6. Inclusion of Diversity

If you'd like one of the 3 spots left in Q2, 2018, email or go here to fill out our inquiry form.



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