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About Mark Fenton

I am the CEO & Founder of MASF Consulting Limited.


I might not be who you would automatically consider as a campaigner for Inclusive Workplaces.


I am Irish, white, straight, middle aged, middle class and married with two kids and a dog.


But that’s the point.

I have over 20 years’ experience in global financial organisations, with a proven track record in finance, audit and business strategy. So yes, I’m a “finance guy”.


However, more recently, I’ve run global diversity and inclusion programmes for the world’s most valuable insurance brand, AXA.

I’ve lived and worked in several global capitals (including 9 years in London and 5 years in Paris) and I know what it is to both feel excluded and included in different communities and workplaces and I have experienced the good and the bad of this.


I think the two strands of my experience work very well together. I understand business, but I also understand what it takes to be an “inclusive” business, and why it is so valuable. Most importantly, I can help you quantify a real, solid business case for being an inclusive business.

I am passionate about the Inclusion of Diversity in all its forms. For a series of blogs on the topic – click here. 

Mark Fenton MASF Consulting

About Marion Fenton

I am the COO of MASF Consulting and handle the operational aspects of the business including data management and survey delivery, as well as conducting research on behalf of our clients.


My background is in corporate HR in the Financial Services and Pharma industries.  I've worked in the UK, France and Ireland, specialising in Reward and International Mobility.

After a short career break I was delighted to join MASF and help continue to push forward our vision of helping businesses become truly inclusive.

Marion Fenton MASF Consulting

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