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Unconscious Bias

What it is & What we can do about it

Image by Christian Battaglia

MASF Consulting helps clients around the world to recognise and realise the benefits of a diverse and inclusive workplace. We help them achieve better engagement, collaboration, innovation and bottom-line results. But it can be hard to do - and the main barrier to process is ourselves and specifically often biases, some conscious but many more unconscious.


We all make judgements based on our life experience and our brain, in milliseconds, seeks out patterns for recognition that trigger our reaction to and assessment of every single person we met. This can lead us to undervalue or undermine people and their ideas - particularly when they don't seem similar or like us or our ideas.

We, at MASF Consulting Ltd, have designed and delivered a proven model for unpicking our biases and finding ways to mitigate their negative effect. We help you recognise & address your biases and transform your behaviour.

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