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Diversity & Inclusion Strategy Reviews and Data Analysis


As we all adjust to the new and challenging environment (both socially & professionally) that Covid-19 has created, MASF believes that the relevance and impact of Diversity & Inclusion (‘D&I’) strategy, leadership, communication, policy and practice and the importance of Executive Coaching remains of paramount concern and need to us all. 

Over the years, MASF has developed and delivered an array of D&I and Coaching supports, both face-to-face and online. The purpose of this document is to provide relevant details of some of the virtual D&I reviews that MASF undertakes that will be of use to your organisation/institution.


These can be grouped as follows: 


  • D&I benchmark reviews 

  • D&I surveys/data analysis and communication 


Desktop D&I benchmark review 

MASF recognises that many organisations have an established and comprehensive approach to Diversity & Inclusion. Nevertheless, based on experience with domestic and global clients, MASF is confident that a third-party, desktop review of your D&I vision, strategy, action plans and communication & engagement programs is beneficial.


This can include: 

  • Critique of current D&I vision & strategy 

  • Review of action plans to date 

  • Identify of key performance indicators/success measures 

  • Assess current policies & practices as fit for purpose and benchmark against best practice 

  • Evaluate the effectiveness of current communication plans and Employee Resource Groups 

  • Suggest additional untapped resources, external partnerships and ideas & insights to strengthen the D&I strategy going forward (both quick wins and longer-term considerations) 

D&I surveys/data analysis and communication 


MASF offers a bespoke and proven solution that involves the alignment of D&I strategy with the needs of key D&I data analysis (e.g. MASF has designed D&I surveys for AXA Group, RTÉ and UDG Healthcare plc.). In addition, MASF will enhance the engagement with and efficacy of the D&I survey through dedicated a communications plan and an understanding of relevant legal & IT considerations. 


For ease and speed of use and to provide a secure, external D&I-specialist party to the data-gathering exercise (which can mitigate against potential concerns from employees over data confidentiality or D&I survey rationale), MASF recommends the use of SurveyMonkey as the platform through which the survey is channelled. 


Based on experience, MASF suggests the following stages that are relevant to implementing and leveraging a successful D&I survey in your organisation: 


  • Survey Scope 

  • Timing & Participation rate 

  • Communications Planning – pre-launch, during open period and post-close 

  • Legal & IT considerations 

  • Reporting structure and rollout 

  • Action Plans – detailed analysis of the survey results to determine key actions to be taken in the short & medium term 

Why work with MASF? 


MASF Consulting Ltd is led by a PwC-trained Chartered Accountant and First Class Honours qualified Executive Coach (Irish Management Institute) with 20+ years international experience 


MASF has performed in-depth D&I reviews covering strategy alignment, process & policy analysis, communications planning and action plan definition for many domestic and international clients.


These include: 


  • Strategic support and training to UDG Healthcare plc 

  • Eight An Post (Irish postal service) workshops focused on unconscious bias and inclusion (Board, Senior Management, HR leadership and graduate programme) and a national focus group campaign (>100 people involved, across 11 groups covering 6 sites)

  • A detailed assessment of Musgrave plc’s D&I strategy and action plan (that complemented the rollout of multiple unconscious bias training and train-the-trainer facilitation for the entire senior executive team, top 50 managers and HR leadership teams across the organisation) 

  • In-depth Diversity & Inclusion benchmark reviews and reports for SGN and Aspen Re in the UK (through MASF’s association with Charlotte Sweeney Associates Ltd) 

  • A 6-month project to design, develop, document and launch a nationwide D&I vision, strategy and detailed action plan for RTÉ (Ireland’s national broadcaster), RTÉ 

MASF has designed tailored D&I surveys that combine simplicity of data collection with efficacy of data review for several organisations. Examples include: 

  • Multiple surveys as part of the EDGE certification process (focused on gender equality) globally across AXA Group plc 

  • Company-wide Survey for RTÉ as part of the launch and design of an ongoing D&I strategy 

  • A specific survey for ongoing utilization within UDG Healthcare plc 

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