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Diversity & Inclusion Initiatives


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Over the years, MASF has developed and delivered a wide array of D&I and Coaching supports, both face-to-face and online. The purpose of this document is to provide, based on our client experience and global program reviews, the top 3 D&I initiatives that will allow your organisation to thrive in the challenging future ahead. 

MASF would be delighted to have a 30-minute consultation, free of charge, on any or all of these supports which are grouped into the following categories: 


  • From Flexible to SMART Working 

  • Gender Pay Gap Reporting 

  • Talent Sponsorship 

From Flexible to SMART Working 

One of the lasting transformations that the Covid-19 pandemic has initiated around the world is on how, when and where people work. Flexible Working is well established as a mechanism to alleviate many issues related to work-life balance and is often noted, from employee surveys and engagement reviews, as a key opportunity to be developed. 

Over the years, MASF has developed a comprehensive understanding of and modelling around these new ways of working. We believe that, in its broadest sense, modern working models are all about Inclusion as they seek to provide the best working environment and working options to all. They can be specifically designed to enable everyone, regardless of their preferences and personal commitments, to contribute and be successful. 

As a starting point, MASF recommends that organisations consider working practices within the wider term of SMART Working. This can be best summarized and communicated as follows: 

Supportive (of your customer focus and drive to enhance employee engagement) 
Manager-Led (who role model the practice and behaviours that underpin it, especially trust) 
Aligned (to your D&I vision and value-set) 
Responsive (to the dynamic needs of clients, employees and the organisation as a whole) 
Transformative (as a mindset shift that enables a more digital and agile workforce strategy) 

MASF can then assist you in developing a model for and supported the practice of SMART Working by considering the following: 

  • Build and communicate the business case 

  • Survey employees to determine what works and does not work for them and what they need to make the workplace more agile 

  • De-bunk the myths surrounding flexibility 

  • Developing an agility maturity model and self-assessment matrix 

  • Agree a SMART Working charter and promote it through a communications plan 

  • Designing webinars and online training 

Gender Pay Gap Reporting


According to the World Economic Forum’s Global Gender Gap Report 2020, the current pace of economic participation across genders means that the overall global gender gap will take an incredible 257 years to close (and this gap is widening year by year). MASF believes that we all need to act now so that positive change impacts on more lives far sooner.


In addition to the numerous D&I initiatives that MASF actively promotes and aids organisations in designing and embedding within and around their places of work, one key regulatory change is anticipated to significantly drive corporate understanding and behaviour around gender gap issues – Gender Pay Gap Reporting.


MASF has worked with several clients in Ireland & the UK who have embraced the existing / proposed legislation (in force since April 2017 in the UK and expected to be live in Ireland in 2021) and can assist organisations and institutions to positively leverage this regulatory challenge as part of a broader D&I strategy.


Specifically, MASF can support you as follows:

  • Understand / Interpret the regulatory requirements

  • Determine the key data sets that are required

  • Link the pay gap reports to a wider D&I strategy

  • Assist in the communications of and reporting on the pay gaps identified

  • Identify key actions (both where an organisation is succeeding and where it could do better)

  • Benchmark current polices & practices and advise on necessary adaptations and innovations to meet the challenges of the regulation and to differentiate from the competition.

Talent Sponsorship


MASF develops tailored Talent Sponsorship programs (normally of 12 months’ duration) which takes traditional mentoring (which still can play an important role in talent development) beyond the tandem partnership and into the boardroom and/or management meetings.

Sponsors talk to and about their sponsees and therefore increase their corporate exposure and can feed back on unseen opportunities for growth – which is essential to their career success and of benefit to the whole organisation.

Sponsors also benefit from the learning opportunity that comes with an intense, frank and extensive personal and professional interaction. Sponsors not only provide perspective but crucially also opportunity to deliver by enhancing a sponsee’s exposure within the organisation.

To make the sponsorship process effective and sustainable, the following Program is used

Why work with MASF?

We have designed and delivered impactful Talent Sponsorship programs both domestically and internationally (for example with Paddy Power Betfair (now part of Flutter plc) across EMEA and within the AXA Group world-wide).

We have successfully advised on and designed a SMART Working approach globally across JTI, Avolon and the Bank of Ireland Group including an opt-out model to flexibility of role & individual, a validated and detailed maturity model, a SMART charter and an agreed action plan.

Many of our UK clients have been active in designing and delivering effective Gender Pay Gap reports since 2017 (and some of our Irish client have been proactive since 2019) – and MASF couples this knowledge with its years of D&I experience to tailor the optimal approach for your organisation vis-à-vis gender pay gap reporting.

MASF Consulting Ltd is led by a PwC-trained Chartered Accountant and First Class Honours qualified Executive Coach (Irish Management Institute) with 20+ years international experience.

Contact us today.

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