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Executive Coaching

Navigating Change. Shifting Blindspots. Realising Potential.

Transformative Coaching for Personal and Career ambitions


Everyone goes through periods of uncertainty in their working and personal lives.  We feel anxious and helpless.  Yet, the solution is often within us.  By working with an expert coach, we can unearth our own answers and develop a new plan of action.  We can unlock our potential and achieve our ambitions.

MASF Consulting works with individuals (of all levels within big and small organisations) to help them unlock their own potential and realise their ambitions through career and personal transformative coaching.

Mark qualified as an Executive Coach with First Class Honours from University College Cork.  The Executive Coaching Program is run by the Irish Management Institute, and Mark continues to have a close association with the IMI as an expert in the field of Diversity and inclusion.

Executive Coaching

As all organisations adjust to the new challenging environment - both immediate as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic and longer-term as corporates and individuals aim to navigate the VUCA world (filled with Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity & Ambiguity) – the role of coach is increasingly important.

Everyone goes through periods of uncertainty in their working and personal lives. We can feel anxious and helpless. Yet, the solution is often within us. By working with an expert coach, we can unearth our own answers and develop a new plan of action. We can unlock our potential and achieve our ambitions.

Led by a qualified and experienced Executive Coach, MASF proposes two complementary approaches:

  • Introduce / Strengthen a Coaching culture

    • this can be done in groups up to 10 people with, say, 3 sessions over a 6-12 week period where people learn about coaching and how to apply it

  • Rollout a specific Coaching program usually for senior managers (i.e. managers of managers/team leaders) - this is more in-depth and can run for, say, 6 months. Included is:

    • Theory behind Coaching

    • Emotional Intelligence / ECR / 360 reviews

    • Coach assignments, that need to be done in their time and some may be recorded, for review, assessment & grading

    • Action learning sets - including getting coaches to develop coaching programme for their team which are overseen/observed with expert advice/input

Estimate of advisory support timelines


Executive Coaching (1 to 1)


  • Planning and contracting for a 6-month relationship over 6 intense sessions (normally 60-90 minutes in duration) with an experienced Executive Coach

  • Coaching sessions preparation (tailored coach assignments and action learning sets)

  • Emotional Intelligence / ECR / 360 reviews (preparation, reporting and results interpretation)

  • Coaching sessions delivery (initial 90-minute session, 4 X 60-minute sessions, 1 X 90-minute session involving Emotional Intelligence / ECR / 360 reviews)

Coaching Culture (groups of up to 10 individuals)

  • Planning a 2-3 month relationship over 3 group online workshops with an experienced Executive Coach

  • Coaching workshop preparation (content, exercises, tools, takeaways, reporting)

  • Coaching sessions delivery

  • Post workshop follow-up (via live webinar and/or offline Q&A)


Why engage with MASF?


MASF Consulting Ltd is led by Mark Fenton, a PwC-trained Chartered Accountant and First Class Honours qualified Executive Coach (Irish Management Institute) with 20+ years international experience.


MASF leverages a connection of trusted associates including one who is a qualified systemic, team coach and qualified EI/ECR/360 reviewer, within 25 years’ experience in the design and delivery of learning solutions, education and CPD programmes.


Since 2017, MASF has been an active member of the UCD MBA Executive Coaching panel and has personally coached 17 executives (each with 4 individual sessions) in that time.


MASF has also successfully coached executives in organisations such as AIB, Central Bank of Ireland, MUFG, Kerry Group, Fenergo, DAA, RTÉ and Eir.

What people say

Regional Procurement Director, 

Kerry Group

Mark helped me to dive below the surface of what I initially perceived my motivations to be in order to better understand what is truly important to me in my career, and how it relates to my life in general. We make so many decisions on a daily basis that sometimes what is important drifts to the background, and can be overrun by what is topical – Mark helped me to instead refocus my attention to develop goals and actions which would guide me to achieve my next career step. I was surprised at how a simple, guided-conversation and questions allowed me to come to glaring realizations I previously overlooked - Mark is brilliant at that. I loved the fact that, although it was a facilitated discussion, Mark also brought insights about industry and the new roles evolving within it – things I had not heard of before. I would highly recommend engaging Mark’s services if you would like to get some perspective, realign priorities, or even have a basic discussion about your career. 

Senior Regulatory Official,

Central Bank of Ireland

I recently had some coaching sessions with Mark as I was struggling with a number of career issues.  I found Mark extremely intuitive and supportive and he is a very good listener.  His questions, whilst few in number were extremely incisive and his approach whereby I had concrete actions to take after each session prompted me to work through the situation in a very short period of time.  I would highly recommend Mark and I view him as an expert support who I can turn to again, should the need arise.

Senior Fintech Executive,


Mark was fantastic to work with. During the six sessions of executive coaching that I took with him, he was able to pick through my stream of consciousness and extract golden nuggets of ideas that had been caught up in a tangled web of unvoiced thoughts. A great listener, Mark is skilled at getting you to vocalise the key challenges you’re facing and identify key sponsors / ways of overcoming and solving these challenges. In particular, he expertly facilitates the light bulb moments of ideas that arise through the course of guided conversation. Really worth the process and I came away with new skills and a way of working and thinking.

IT Manager, AIB

Mark is an exceptional coach, whose skills can change the mind of even a skeptic like me.  From improving my confidence in my own abilities, to providing guidance on a delicate work matter - my work practices have changed for the better.  I found the coaching enjoyable and very valuable to both work and home life.  I was given clear, professional direction and I expect to reap the benefits for a long time to come.

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